Stop searching for customers - Get customers to find you

Learn how grow your business by being helpful in the Helpful Marketing™ Workshop from Kevin Dewalt

WHERE: Peter Kiewit Institute, Room 158, 1110 S. 67th St., Omaha, NE 68182
WHEN: April 19, 8:30-5:00
For startups, small businesses, service providers, consultants


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Lead by Kevin Dewalt

Hi, I’m Kevin Dewalt. I’d like to teach you how to do Helpful Marketing™ - a strategy I created for winning customers worldwide by helping them solve problems through content & conversations.

You probably like helping others … but never realized being helpul can create passionate customers. I’m growing my business by doing just that - helping customers solve problems through content & conversations.

Prove to customers that you are someone who helps them solve problems and you don't have to do marketing - they will find you.

Let me guess ... you need more customers, right?

Since 1999 I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs & small businesses get started and grow. Almost all business problems exist because the business doesn’t know enough potential customers.

Helpful Marketing is the solution - I’ve taught dozens of other businesses how to do it and I can teach you as well.

Eventbrite - Helpful Marketing Workshop by Kevin Dewalt


Eric Ries

"Kevin has been one of the world’s leading advocates for Lean Startup from the very beginning. He has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators how to create value and minimize waste - and he can help you as well."

Ash Maurya

"Finding customers is one of the biggest challenges every entrepreneur faces. Kevin’s Helpful Marketing strategy reinforces what I teach in Running Lean - listen to him and you’ll build the relationships with your customers that lead to better products and more value."

Bob Kinnison

"Thank you so much Kevin for the sounding board, connection, validation, generosity and humor. By ANY definition, Kevin is an amazing coach. I felt an instant warmth, I learned a lot, and it just plain felt good to have someone to hear me out. You can't help but walk away from the exchange a better entrepreneur."

Michael Michelini

"Kevin is amazing! Have been lucky enough to listen to his speeches on lean methodology in Shanghai, get mentoring help from him in Dalian while in Chinaccelerator, and have a 1 on 1 with him in Beijing! He gives you real feedback, and forces you to focus on the customer development, which so many startups forget. Thanks Kevin!."

What you'll learn in this hands-on workshop

I will teach you how to meet new customers, get a bigger audience, and grow your business by helping people solve problems 1-on-1 and in your content.

How? By teaching you how to get customers to find you.

Imagine if customers…

Told everyone they know about you & your work.

Read your emails first.

Bought your products & services - just because you created them.

Told you their problems & what products to build.

Want to see how I teach entrepreneurs? Watch my keynote speech at the 2013 Lean Startup Conference

Our Agenda:

How we’ll get you new customers worldwide!

This is a workshop for do-ers and my goal is to give you skills you can use immediately. You will learn by working on your business. You will be helping each other and sharing your experiences.

You get instruction, course materials + $76 in bonus items

Part 1 (9:00 – 10:30)
Generate your target persona

I’ll teach you to create your target persona - a representation of your typical customer - and how to use it to bring focus to all of your Helpful Marketing.

[Break & Discussions]

Part 2 (11:00 – 12:30)
Create your helpful content strategy

Most entrepreneurs give up on blogging or creating content because they think it takes too much time, they don't know what to create, or they cannot get people to read it. I'll teach you how to create helpful content that will build your audience and sell in less time than you thought possible.


Lunch (12:45 – 1:15)
Lecture: How to grow you business by helping others

You eat - I talk. I'll tell what what I've learned about how successful entreprerneurs are getting customer love - and money. I’ll share my personal story of how I built my worldwide brand and reputation helping entrepreneurs one-on-one online and show you how you can do the same.


Part 3 (1:30 – 3:00)
Create your SoHelpful profile & prepare to help people

You will create your profile on SoHelpful, setup your schedule and develop your marketing strategy to grow by helping others.

[Break & Discussions]

Part 4 (3:30 - 5:00)
Implementing your Helpful Marketing strategy end-to-end

Finally we’ll wrap up the workshop by putting together your end-to-end Helpful Marketing strategy and talk about ways to both build better content and get more calls from prospective customers.

Eventbrite - Helpful Marketing Workshop by Kevin Dewalt

Kevin Dewalt training entrepreneurs with Steve Blank in Beijing, China, 2013.

100% Money-back guarantee

If I don’t deliver on my promise to give you powerful tools for building deep new customer relations I’ll refund your ticket.


I've never heard of Helpful Marketing - who is doing this?

I developed this strategy based on what successful startups & entrepreneurs are doing. The best example is Gary Vaynerchuk as I've discussed here. Other great examples are KissMetrics and - these companies will form the case studies we use in the workshop.

How does Helpful Marketing fit in with Lean Startup/Customer Development strategies taught by Eric Ries, Steve Blank, or Ash Maurya?

I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide apply these strategies and helped the US National Science Foundation rollout the iCorps program with Steve Blank at Stanford. The #1 challenge entrepreneurs have with these strategies is finding enough customers to do Customer Development - in this workshop I will show you how.

Does this work outside of Silicon Valley?

Absolutely - I live in Beijing, China and use Helpful Marketing strategies to meet customers worldwide. Most entrepreneurs I help live outside of major startup hubs like San Francisco or New York.

I am not a marketing or sales professional. Is this for me?

This workshop is even more applicable for you. I am a programmer who had to learn how to do this - not a marketing or sales professional. With Helpful Marketing you will spend your time helping people - not trying to sell them stuff. But they will buy from you because they trust you to solve their problems.

I don't have a marketing budget - or a lot of time. Can I really do this?

Me neither - my life is as busy as yours and I spend 0 dollars on advertising. I use every strategy on my own business. Unfortunately I've wasted lots of time doing things the wrong way - I'll teach you how to avoid these pitfalls.

I want to start a company but haven't started yet. Is this too advanced for me?

No, it is not too advanced - and we will help you pick the right company idea for you. The exercises we go through will teach you about yourself and help you identify the opportunities to give you the most value.

Where is the workshop taking place?

The Peter Kiewit Institute, 1110 S. 67th Street, Room 158, Omaha 68182

I have other questions - how can I contact you?

You can email me at, schedule a time to chat at, or @kevindewalt.

Eventbrite - Helpful Marketing Workshop by Kevin Dewalt